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Design. Online. Made Digestible.

Savor bespoke designs beyond California or on tighter budgets with our online "menu." Our Virtual Design services whip online clients with customized designs, drawings, up much of the full-service client experience, serving shop-lists, and clear execution instructions. Your recipe for an elevated space is just a click away!


Accessible. Efficient. Online.
  • Collaborate with trusted designers… from anywhere!
  • The results are exhaustive, the process isn’t. It’s streamlined.
  • We oversee your design, you oversee your project.
  • Wallet-friendly for more-limited budgets.

Our Clients’

Our Process

Prepared just for you.


We collect a questionnaire, photos + measurements of your space + inspiration/Pins from you Your homework. Promise it's easy. We'll show you how.


Design Prep

Our turn! We create a concept, build a model/floor plan and present a mood board. You have final approval + power to redirect. Then we explore what fits your space.


Mix + Source

With concept + measurements as our guide, we get to the fun part - shopping. You get access to sources + prices + more and again hold veto/approval power.


Final Plan

From what you approve, we pull together a final design. You receive a To-Go-Box with renderings + dimensions + shopping lists + designer tips + all you need to execute the plan.



'To-Go-Box' in hand, you should be ready to launch your project. But if you get stuck, we are always here to support.

Our Menu

How big is your plate?


A La Carte
Just a bite...

Get a taste — virtual consultation awaits! Stuck with layout or design dilemmas? This dish is your solution. Let's whip up quick design fixes together!


  • Virtual Design Consultation up to 1 Hour
  • Can be scheduled anytime


the Entrée
A bit more flavor...

Hungry for more? This option satisfies larger appetites, serving up all the pieces to complete a design already in the works.

A Multi "Piece" Combo (Pick up to 4)

  • Paint or Wallpaper
  • Art + Wall Decor (Gallery walls may add time)
  • Lighting
  • Floor Plan (Dimensioned)
  • Rug
  • Furniture Find
  • Tile/Stone
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Hardware
  • Others


'Entrée' Questionnaire. Mood board & color palette concept. 1-2 Virtual Consultations. Floor Plan options (if selected). Multiple sourcing selections submitted for approval. A final design ‘To Go Box' with multiple renderings, advice on executing the design and a final shopping list.

***Entree projects exclude kitchens.


the full course
Full-flavor, made for you...

Ready for full satiation? Dive into the full design process, custom-crafted for your taste. This dish is for those craving a well-stirred, uniquely designed space.

Full Room Transformation

  • All Sourcing
  • Detailed Design Ideas
  • Multiple, Virtual Consultations
  • Design Revisions


'Full Course' Questionnaire. Mood board & color palette concept. 2-3 Virtual Consultations. Floor Plan options. Multiple sourcing selections submitted for approval. A final design ‘To Go Box' with multiple renderings, advice on executing the design and a final shopping list.

***Open Concept projects exclude kitchens + another living space. Please sign any kitchen up as a single space project.


Open Concepts
The Full Course

(ie kitchen/dining room) or rooms over 350 sq ft. For open concepts with 3+ functionalities please contact us for scope guidance.

Diving into a multi-room project without a clue where to start? Confused about the best scope for your project? We've got you covered!

Embarking on a multi-room project? Feel free to start with just one space to see if our virtual services suit you. Every room is its own project. We will address multiple rooms with cohesion in mind, no matter how you choose to time it.

Still not sure which ‘scope’ to choose? Just let us know you need guidance on the intake form below.

Ready to E-Design?

Fill out this form, and let's begin!

Thanks for trusting us with your project. As a boutique team, reservations are limited. Depending on our load, a brief wait may precede your project kickoff. If you're a returning client, email us directly for priority on your next space.

Ready for your To-Go Box? Current delivery in 5-9 weeks!

*Consult Velinda anytime! Ala Carte slots are available for fast solutions. Book a call!