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Design. Online. Made Digestible.


Savor bespoke designs beyond California or on tighter budgets with our online "menu." Our E Design services whip up much of the full-service client experience, serving online clients with customized designs, drawings, shop-lists, and clear execution instructions. Your recipe for an elevated space is just a click away!

E-Design at a glance:… It’s accessible. It’s efficient. It’s virtual. It saves.
  • Collaborate with trusted designers… from anywhere!

  • The results are exhaustive, the process isn’t. It’s streamlined.

  • We oversee your design, you oversee your project.

  • Wallet-friendly for more-limited budgets

Want to get started?

Marian Sample.png

Portland, OR

"I will truly never use anyone else again." 

“Velinda & Co are the best thing that's ever happened to my house. My rooms always felt boring, unstylish, and most importantly, not "me". Enter Velinda & brilliant team. They set the vibe for our whole house, which I didn't think was possible from just one room designed online! You will need to pry these women from my cold, dead hands. I had a local interior designer tell me she didn't get out of bed for less than $20k. Which is like.... great for her... but also made me feel like interior design was only for the elite. Worth EVERY penny (and probably more tbh)"

Kim Sample.png

The Netherlands

“Ideas and spacing came alive in the sketches of the room, a magical moment!"

"It was so hard to envision a nice room for our little boy. But in the final design, all factors of our boy’s life were so well integrated; a space to be creative, jam, climb and sleep.

To translate all of these 'wishes' - very well done! I think if you offer an e-design service, it’s imperative that communication and process run smoothly. This was totally aced!”

Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 11.21.33

San Diego, CA

"I would work with the VHD team again if it cost me double."

“I have worked with in-person designers who charged twice as much and only delivered half as much. The VHD team have experience in spades, and excel at communication and organization. It's incredibly rare for me to find people who I feel I can trust 100%, and the unexpected bonus for me was that the team was so sweet and kind that they feel like friends. E-design happens behind the scenes, so having a weekly check-in from the team was invaluable. I can't say enough good things”

The Process

Prepared for You



Share space details and inspo. It's easy homework—we'll guide you!


Design Prep

Now it's our turn! Concept boards, model building and floor plans—your space story unfolds. You hold the reins, redirect as you please. Let's explore what suits your vibe!


Mix + Source

Concept and measurements lead the way to the exciting part—shopping! Gain access to sources, prices, and more, all while holding the power of veto/approval.


Final Plan

Approved shopping? We craft your final design. Get a To-Go-Box: renderings, dimensions, sourced lists, tips—everything to execute the plan.


With your 'To-Go-Box,' launch your project! Stuck? We've got your back for support. Let's make your vision a reality!

The Menu

What's on your plate?

A La


Just a bite...


Get a taste—virtual consultation awaits! Stuck with layout or design dilemmas? This dish is your solution. Let's whip up quick design fixes together!


  • Virtual Design Consultation up to 1 Hour

  • Can be scheduled anytime


the Entrée

A bit more flavor...


Hungry for more? This option satisfies larger appetites, serving up all the pieces to complete a design already in the works.

A Multi "Piece" Combo (Select up to 4)

  • Paint  or Wallpaper

  • Art + Wall Decor 

  • Lighting

  • Floor Plan (Dimensioned)

  • Rug

  • Furniture Finds

  • Tile/Stone 

  • Plumbing Fixtures

  • Hardware

  • Other


'Entrée' Questionnaire, Mood board & color concept, 1-2 Virtual Consultations, Floor Plan options (optional), Multiple sourcing selections, Final 'To Go Box' with renderings, execution advice, shopping list.

***Entree projects exclude kitchens.


the full course

Full-flavor, made for you...

'Open Concepts' + Rooms > 350 Sq Ft...


Ready for full satiation? Dive into the full design process, custom-crafted for your taste. This dish is for those craving a well-stirred, uniquely designed space.

Full Room Transformation

  • All Sourcing

  • Detailed Design Ideas

  • Multiple, Virtual Consultations

  • Design Revisions



'Full Course' Questionnaire. Mood board & color palette concept. 2-3 Virtual Consultations. Floor Plan options. Multiple sourcing selections submitted for approval. A final design ‘To Go Box' with multiple renderings, advice on executing the design and a final shopping list.

***Open Concept projects exclude kitchens + another living space. Please sign any kitchen up as a single space project. 



*All package prices are subject to CA service tax + processing fee. All projects exclude detailed stylist work, custom carpentry/furniture designs, gallery walls or fully-custom pattern designs. (ie. tile)

Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 7.36.28 PM cop

Have a multi-room project and don't know where to start? Confused which scope best fits your project?

Diving into a multi-room project without a clue where to start? Confused about the best scope for your project? We've got you covered!

Embarking on a multi-room project? Start with one room, and larger projects are for returning clients. If E Design suits you, future rooms are on the horizon.

Explore the 'Menu' for average design-time costs—pick what suits you. Our consistent rate ensures you can't go wrong, and we're here to guide you to the perfect 'menu' selection. (Explore it all [here]).

(make sure you’ve digested everything HERE).

E-Design Contact

Ready to E-Design?

 Learn more HERE then fill out the form and we'll get started.

***We're so grateful for the trust with your project. Aiming to remain a boutique team, we always limit our reservations. Depending on our current project- load, we can sometimes only accommodate projects with flexible timing. If you are a returning client, please email us directly and we will prioritize your next space.

*Ala Carte calls can be scheduled at anytime. 

Our Current Final Design Delivery: 8-10 weeks

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